We’re Moving in June 2014!!

If last year at this time you had told us we’d be moving in 2014, we’d have said you were crazy! If you’d told us we’d be moving to a 2 acre property 30 minutes north of where we are today, we’d have checked you into a mental institution on the spot!

BUT…. as it turns out, you’d be right!

Around June 1st, the Lahn Family will be moving to 7 Bow Street in a little community called “Cedar Valley” which is in the northern part of Whitchurch-Stouffville.  We’re basically at the corner of McCowan Road and Vivian Road in a beautifully treed area on the northern edge of the York Region forest in a 5 bedroom raised bungalow.  For some amazing details on how this all came about be sure to check out this post and this post on my blog – Murray’s Musings.

Be sure to stop by!!  In fact, we want you to stop by!!  Check out this page for more details and a connection to Google Maps so you can find your way 🙂

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