Wings and Ribs

We celebrated the March/April birthdays (myself and Tim) with wings and ribs.  The recipes we used are located on Murray’s Musings: Dry Rub for Ribs Great Ribs in the Oven Crispy Oven-Baked Chicken Wings Enjoy!

Christmas Letter 2016

Well, this Christmas has been a very interesting one. On Dec 23rd, while taking out the garbage at 6:30am Murray managed to slip on some ice at the top of our front stairs and land on his back while sliding down the stairs. Not fun! Then one-by-one everyone else (nearly) in our family came down with colds or flu that…

New Postal Code

Well, Canada Post, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that we don’t change our address often enough (we’ve only had 4 addresses in the last 33 years), so on August 15th, 2016 they decided that our Postal Code would change from the old L0G1E0 to the new L4A1Z3.  As of today, THEY still haven’t updated their postal code lookup site…